Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Canyonlands National Park

This was quite a spectacular park, and although many of the trails were closed, due to snow, we did get to hike a few.

Another one of Jesse's Panoramas, click on it to see a larger view of the photo. This is a view of the canyon from one of the trails.
I Loved feeding the birds, your not really supposed to I know...But at least it was organic bread. This Raven followed me back to the car to see what else I had to eat.
If you look closely you may see me on the arch. This arch is known as Mesa Arch. We were very excited about seeing this arch because it was featured in the National Geographic
Adventure Magazine.
Jesse didn't want me to put this one in because people might think he was weird. I told him it was too late.


Jesse and Chelsie said...

We are expierencing some difficulties with the picures uploading. In which case some of photos will not enlarge when selected. Sorry. Jess

Julie said...

Heis still attractive, don't worry :)

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