Friday, January 23, 2009

Grand Staircase National Monument

This National Monument accounts for 4% of the state of Utah. Basically it was a lot of erosion. We found the petroglyphs to be the most interesting aspect of this park. A panorama of the park. Jesse loves to pull over whenever he sees a sign for an overlook. We have some beautiful pictures, but it also takes a few extra hours between destinations. Jesse loves taking pictures, but hates the tourist image.
Chelsie is less enthusiastic about stopping to hunt for petroglyphs. Jesse LOVES to hunt for the glyphs because it is like "treasure hunting". This part of history is such a great part of the American Southwest. We were directed toward these markings by a local. It was a great hunt. The markings below are called "100 hands". Their meaning remains a mystery. Was it a record of the tribe?

Chelsie on the search for the petroglyphs.

Some very unique glyphs. Do you see the hunter using his bow? The other warriors appear to be elaborately dressed.

The classic bighorn sheep native to the area.

On the drive to the next park we passed a marker which pointed to the cliff above. You must look carefully to see the granary which was left behind.


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