Saturday, February 21, 2009

California Scenic Route 1

This was our second favorite drive next to the route through Lake Isabella and Sequoia National Forrest. We were able to actually camp on the coastline two nights in a state park campground. The water was a bit chilly so we we didn't dive in but the scenery was worth sticking around for. There is an Amtrak train called the California Surfliner that would be an enjoyable trip someday.We took this scenic route from Monterey, CA to Morro Bay. It was a twisting and turning 3 hour drive down this jagged coastline with plenty of pulloffs. In passing one pulloff we couldn't help but notice an abundance of people. Chelsie jumped in amazement as the rocks moved. We stopped and learned that it was mating and nursing season for Elephant Seal lions. They were quite entertaining to watch.


The Moore Family said...

That place is so cool. those pics look a lot like a slice of heaven...extremely beautifull! That's really cool you guy's got to see the sea lions. By the way I had fun in KC w/ you guy's thank's for letting me come. -Ethan.

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