Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Death Valley

Officially the worlds "hottest" location, Death Valley holds the record for highest temperatures on earth. During the summer temperatures climb as high as 135 degrees. We were glad to be in warmer country and in January the weather was great, 70-75.

Rocks, rocks, rocks, Jesse loved the rocks and Death Valley had plenty of them.

The Salt Flats in Death Valley.

The Artist Palette. The rock coloration comes from mineral deposits.

Chelsie enjoying her morning coffee.

The Sand Dunes.

We had a great time hiking around on these. Here is Jesse playing in the sand.

What a great photo of a young explorer and his father.


SunrisePastures said...

Hi guys! sounds like you are seeing some great sites and having a good time.


Brandon Bianco said...

Where's the picture of you shrededin' the dunes on a set of skis or a board. I hope you at least got a chance to rally the CRV!

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