Tuesday, February 24, 2009

George and Marian's Pad

This couple was such a blessing and a spiritual encouragement. These are David's parents or Chelsie's great uncle and aunt. We stayed with them four days. They were so fun, definitely energetic, and did everything possible to make us comfortable. We wish we could have stayed longer.

As we drove we saw hundreds of citrus groves in the California valley west of the Sierra Nevadas. Jesse had been dying to pick some citrus. George had an orange and a tangerine tree that he tended in the back yard. MMM so tasty.

One morning we squeezed fresh orange juice for breakfast. It was as the best and the freshest OJ one can get.

Funny Faces!

Thank you George and Marian. You are a blessing to many.


The Moore Family said...

I can see that Jesse had a blast picking and squeezing orange's :) -Ethan.

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