Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Joshua Tree National Park

We camped a night in Joshua Tree National Park.In search for some of the old mining camps we drove down these scenic dirt roads
We stopped at a cactus garden which is tended by the park.

One of the most unique things about the Joshua Tree area was the small town on the furthest east entrance of the park called 29 Palms. This small town's trade mark was "An Oasis of Murals" This is just what it was. We acquired town guide pamphlet which led us gave us a tour of the masterpieces. Each mural, painted on the side of a business or public building, describes a portion of the small town's history. Each was uniquely designed and painted by artists from across the US.

You can see more of the murals on the town's website:
Enjoy, just as we did.


andrewthomas said...

were you guys able to do any climbing while you were at the park?

Jeff said...

B&W. Nice. I would've mistaken Jesse for a coyote if he'd been closer to the border. Icy dude, hiding his teardrop tattoo and his pale gray eyes behind shades. Or, I suppose it could've just been a warm, sunny day. You never know. (Really nice photos. Who's the photographer?)

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