Saturday, February 21, 2009

Rancho Santa Margarita, California

San Diego, California could be made synonymous with sunshine. We were amazed at the continual amount of UV that these guys get. We decided that we loved southern California. We stayed with David, a cousin on Chelsie's side. It was a first class stay which included signature caramel lattes every morning. David is a true coffee connoisseur.We hiked a number of scenic trails in the area.

After a seaside lunch and a eclectic local bistro, we hiked along the coastline and studied interesting sea creatures in tidal pools.

One of many sea urchins.

The mussels were numerous and very hard to pull off the rocks.
Thanks David for all you have done for us. We thoroughly enjoyed the stay.


Jeff said...

Good morning. I haven't checked-in in a while (I couldn't seem to post comments successfully and, you know, it's all about me), and I just remembered, saying, "Whoa! Jessie and Chelsie." To myself, of course. What a fabulous log of photographs. They're better than what I remember of some of those places, and my memory tends to make things golden (like, I remember a happy childhood, and how could that be?) Anyway, I've placed your blog link in a place of honor (regardless of whether this comment makes it through). Thanks for so generously sharing your travels. And I'm very glad you stopped in Salida way back when (I was glad even before my memory made it better).


Jeff said...

So, the deal is that the comments won't post from Firefox (however I have it set up). Perhaps the pop-up blocker. I had to use IEEEEEEEEEE instead. Nevertheless, I still feel kindly toward you.

The Moore Family said...

I'm jealous of the coffee...or the expressos..or the mochas..any way i'm still jealous. -Ethan.

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