Saturday, February 21, 2009

San Diego Harbor

We enjoyed walking around San Diego Harbor. George and Marian, Chelsie's great aunt and uncle, took us out to a wonderful restaurant which overlooked the harbor. Carnival cruise ships docked in the harbor waiting to be restocked and leave. We kicked around the idea of taking a 4 day trip to Mexico ($158 ea.). The prices of a last minute package are very tempting a honestly unbeatable. We were a day late on this option. Check it out if you ever have a chance to go on a whim.
There are still pirates.
A tall ship which you can board. This is one of many which are included in the maritime museum.

There is a naval base in the harbor and you can watch the battleships and aircraft carriers come and go. We had a great view from the restaurant.
We got a chance to run into Paul and Robin. Some of Chelsie's cousins. Paul is a kite board instructor and a magazine editor for kite boarding magazine. Robin works at a college library in the area. We ate at an excellent bakery with them.The harbor is a very fun and scenic place to hike in the evening.

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