Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sequoia National Park

This park was amazing! We both enjoyed learning about these incredible trees. It is hard to capture and comprehend their true size.

The Sequoias grow in groves and are only found in the high Sierra Mountain range in California. They can grow up to 270 feet and reach 40 feet in diameter. Although they are not as tall as the renowned Redwood Trees of northern California, they are larger in overall mass.

They are resilient to the many forces of nature. This is why they can reach the old age of 3000 years. Bark reaches 30 inches in thickness and protects against fires. Their sap contains chemicals which repel insects and decay causing bacteria. It even takes hundreds of years for these fallen patriarchs to return to the earth after they die. The most often cause of their death is toppling.

What a cool van and a cool color. The same as the moss on the trees.

Do you see Chelsie in the lower left hand corner?

They have a shallow root system. This is why they are vulnerable to toppling.

This was our first night in the rain and in bear country. We had to empty out the car and put all the scented items in the bear box, because bears can tear the doors off of cars. Kind of scary, but we made it through the night safe and dry.
We enjoyed the many quotes by the naturalist John Muir. He experienced many of our national parks while they were still untouched.


a family member said...

dang...those tree's are awsome...the van is pretty cool to maybe you should paint ur CRV that color w/the bugs on it -Ethan.

The Moore Family said...

Beautiful Chels and Jess... I'm jealous! - Amber

Sue Head said...

These photos are spectacular! We all have a lot to learn about the value of really deep and strong roots. Love you both, Sue

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