Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Greetings from Korea

안녕하세요 = An nyoung ha seh yo = "Hello"
An every day phrase around here.

We finally have some photos of South Korea and of what we are up to. We hope to be more punctual as we have kept you waiting for almost three weeks now. All is well and the settling process has actually been very easy. First things first. We want to take you on a tour of our place and then we will eventually branch out to the school, scenery, and friends.

There is so much to see everywhere around you. It can sometimes be very overwhelming. From the front deck of our cozy, 10th story apartment, overlooking a canal, the lights at night are dazzling. Characters in neon light which we don't yet understand advertise the bustling energy of the small city below.

We were placed in a very nice apartment which is fairly centrally located and is just a 10 minute walk from ECC, the Language Academy. It was well furnished and anything additional which we needed was bought for us as well. You can see our clothes drying in this photo. There are very few driers her because of the emphasis on space and energy conservation. Also the white cabinet by the door is for shoes. It is very traditional to take ones shoes off when entering a home or restaurant.
Here is Chelsie's kitchen complete with the standard mini fridge and a rice cooker (on the floor by the cabinets) Adjusting to the food is a challenge and topic yet to come. Our washing machine is through the glass doors, on the back porch.Another angle of the living quarters. We do have a guest room. We would love to have visitors. The cozy bedroom is very roomy and right close to the bathroom which is always a plus. It is very common here not to have a shower curtain, actually we were very fortunate to have a tub. Everything is tiled and there is a drain in the tub and a drain on the floor. It is very much a "water closet".

Chelsie works her magic in her new kitchen. MMM, Jesse loves leftovers too.
The fruit which we originally read was sparse, has proven to be bountiful. Horray! We have enjoyed a wide variety of fruits and veggies purchased at the local fish market. (Pi cures to come!!!)
The kiwi are fantastic.
We are once again sorry to keep you waiting for news, but now were back on track. God bless!


Jeff said...

Hey, that's a great clothes dryer. I had one very similar once, and after I got married, it somehow became a saddle stand and eventually broke. I haven't come across another like it. But now I shall scour the Internet in search of one. And I thought the shower drain in the bathroom floor was a uniquely American RV thing. Who woulda guessed? Great shot of Jesse eating enormous Halloween candies. It's too bad he still doesn't have any front teeth, but oh well. He's still cute. Thanks for the update. Good to see you nicely ensconced.

Jeff said...

So anyway, the cool lights outside the bedroom window ... your touch? Or the management's? Something else hovering outside?

Jeff said...

Also, if you need a hobby while you're there, you might collect neon signs. Might be hard to get home, though. I think the Bright farm needs a good neon sign. Not that I've been there yet, of course, but it seems right.

melcrane said...

Hi guys, so glad to hear from you. Korea looks fantastic!! Spring is coming in Colorado, abite a bit slow. Today is Holly's B'day, so Mel went to Boulder to celebrate with Holly and friends. Jace was laid off from his job, an unfortunant situation of the economy. Mel and I are dreaming of summer travel. Hope this finds you well.
Uncle Richard

Anonymous said...

Hey guys its me allan the sound guy, sounds awesome i wish i could just go off and try something like what you do :p I'm glad to hear you guys are well and safe and like i tell everyone that ever leaves MO bring me back a t shirt ;).

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