Saturday, March 7, 2009

Many Goodbyes

Right before leaving for Korea we drove up to Chicago with Jesse's Family to visit Avery (Jesse's younger brother who is attending Wheaten College) and Uncle Ron and Aunt Gail. It was great fun to be together and sad to say goodbye. Avery at his sweet pad.

Eating Brunch after Church on Sunday. Avery cooked heaps of his famous crepes for us, MMMM...
After Chicago we drove back to Branson to say goodbye to Chelsie's family there. It was great to see everyone again and we had a great time together. Amber, Ben and Ethan drove us Kansas City where we caught our flight to South Korea. The five us went out the night before we left for a sky-high root bear float and the next morning at 5:30 we were off on another adventure.


The Moore Family said...

Hey, Thank's for inviting us along to KC...and to get a huge root beer float..oh tell Jesse that he got us hooked on Red Alert...i bought two disks on Ebay for $8. so now we could cream him at it. lol Ethan.

Jeff said...

OK, enough of the Beautiful People. I want to see some Korean food, some kimchi and budae jjigae. A Panyar-o ceremony. Some Taekwondo. Maybe a little baseball. A picture of Kim Yu-Na.

No, of course I don't know anything about Korean culture. I'm relying on You.

melcrane said...

hey there,
I finally figured out how to join the blog so I could talk with you! How's it going? We are SOO dying to hear from you. Praying for you every day!
love, melanie and Richard
p.s. How's the Korean coffee??!

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