Monday, March 16, 2009

Gyeryongsan Hike

We wanted to give you guys some bearings as to where we are located. Follow the numbers in the following picture. South Korea is about half the size of Missouri, but is the home of 48.4 million people. This means that it is approximately 17 times more densely populated than our home state. No worries though, as the kiwis who teach here say. We are located in a more remote location further from the heavily populated Seoul, Puscan, or Incheon. We love it here.

The following is a picture of Goheon Port and city. It is a hub for one of South Korea's leading industries, Samsung Shipyards. (Pictures of the shipyard will come later when we hike to a better photo location) Here is a closer shot of the part of town that we tromp around the most. The orange arrow is our apartment building. The green arrow is a hike that we enjoy throughout the week. At the top of the trail there is a workout area with pull-up bars, sit-up benches, and a small bench press. There are also hula hoops for those who want to work out that core. The yellow is where we work, ECC Foreign Language Institute. The last is our church indicated by the pink arrow. As you can see it is rather easy to get around here by foot. A taxi is very inexpensive as long as you know how to communicate to the driver where you want to go! As you might have already noticed from the maps and pictures, we are surrounded by mountains here. This makes for great hiking at a moments notice. We have made friends with a number of other English teachers in the area. Hikes are a great way to exercise and get some fresh air before school in the afternoon.

This weekend we were able to hike a peak, to watch the sunset, which is just due southwest of our town. The elevation change is pretty really nice. I am guessing it to be about 1500 to 2000 feet. We call it the stairmaster.

This can be a confusing picture. It is about a 270 degree panorama from the peak. On the left is our town, Gohyeon, and on the right is Oksan, a small farming and fishing village. There is a bus which navigated the 15 square mile Island. It costs about 1000 won (about $0.80) each time you board regardless of distance. It can be crowed with standing room only, but you can beat the price. We can see the main terminal from our house. So convenient. The fishing and agrarian culture in the valley below.

We are told that the rice patties will begin to green as spring and summer come. Greenhouses!

Chelsie, Dan, and I at the summit waiting for the sun to dip below the beautiful, distant horizon spotted with nearby islands. (Thank you Lindsay for the photo)
Oksan village below.

Click on the photo.

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God's creation is beautiful (아름답다 = a-reum-dap-tta). We are always amazed.
(Thanks again for the photo Lindsay its nice to be in a shot occasionally. You guys are awesome.)

We have had some trouble getting our photos to enlarge when you click on them. We hope to solve this problem soon. Sorry.


Jeff said...

Oh, my! That is beautiful. Of course, the first thing I said was "Photoshop! Photoshop!", which caused some consternation among the library staff, but then I shouted, "Get back to work!" and they went away. It's good to be boss. Then again, I'm the one who picks up garbage from the entry garden, since we don't have a maintenance crew. But then, too, I now smell like Russian Sage, which is a nice improvement. Thanks for the wonderful orientation and photos. You might get visitors now that they see where you live. Carry on.

Jesse and Chelsie said...

Thank You for being such a loyal follower. Chels and I love your humor. Honestly I do not photoshop any of my photos. Often the color variations, intensity, or accentuation come from preprogrammed camera settings. I have a stitching program that allows me to join shots to make the panoramas but that is about it. It was a beautiful evening. Cold though.

Daniel and Lindsay Miedema said...

Loving the photos!

Helena said...

Paddies. :) Rice patties would be something else. Gorgeous photos!

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