Monday, May 18, 2009

Sunday Afternoons

So how do you spend a lazy Sunday afternoon?

A relaxing weekend it was. I believe the most adventurous it got this weekend was a trip to E-mart in nearby Tongyong. We enjoyed the company of our friends Mike and Allissa this weekend and planned for travels to come. We have become quite involved in a church which has an English service at 1:00. This leaves us with a bit of time to do something in the afternoon.

Two Sundays ago we hopped aboard the Island bus for a dollar and took it to Gujora beach without too much confusion.

We took our books, our sandwiches, and a blanket. Although it was not warm enough to want to swim we still enjoyed the sand, the sounds, and the getaway.

Chelsie has been reading some classic Jane Austin novels and I have stuck to pirate adventures like Treasure Island.
A simple and delightful adventure. I'm sure that we'll be back when the weather gets warm.

Weekend weather, like this Sunday afternoon, sometimes calls for a good hike. So my sweetie and I laced up our boots and headed for the peak, Gyeryongsan it was. We have been to, and wrote about, hiking to the top before, but I just wanted to give you an update: the mountain is still there. At the base of the hiking trail there is a temple which is very well kept and always adds a wonderful taste of Korea.
The rain came down heavy this weekend, so the trail was a bit sticky in places, but not to complain because the waterfalls were beautiful.
Yes, the summit. Koreans don't build switchbacks into their trials. They build steps. The hike was straight up. A panoramic masterpiece came to view upon summiting the san (mountain).

The summit marker. About 1800 feet above sea level.

We stopped in a gazebo on the way down to enjoy the sunset. Banana chips and a sandwich came out of the backpack. MMM. We also enjoyed water with a bit of fresh cut rosemary, a new-found favorite.
A view of our home below. It was nice to see things have finally greened up.
That is about it. Like I said they are lazy Sunday afternoons.


Jeff said...

Sigh, again. I lost a long comment yesterday when I went back to look at one of the lovely photos in close-up. I'll learn by the time you return to the states (assuming you do; a beautiful place you live in there). It was a pic with Jesse and it looked like a bike rack in the background. I thought, Whoa! Hardcore and civilized, at once. But it was just a stair rail. In one close up, if you look at the hill past Chelsie (nothing personal, Chelsie), you can see several different kinds of towers, which made me knit my brow, but then I saw the subsequent shot looking down on the nearby city. Of course there are towers. It's wonderful to leave the city behind so easily. The only thing I remember from yesterday's lost comments, Jesse, is that my girlfriend Laura just finished reading "Treasure Island." She loved it. Her thing is usually literary fiction, but she loved the expert storytelling in T.I. OK, timer beeped. Must attend to bread.

Darcy Bright said...

Wow, I love the photos, you do an excellent job of portraying what you're doing. Reading classics? That's a fantastic idea! My summer reading list consists of Lord of the Rings and Peter Pan among others. Thank you for keeping a blog. I love checking it. and I miss you two like crazy. The best shots are the ones of water. Love waterfalls...and such.

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