Sunday, June 7, 2009

Random Tidbits of Life

You never know what you will see at school. Chelsie began having "show and tell" time in one of her classes. One day one of the boys brought his hamster to class and since then, the kids have continued to bring pets when it is their turn to bring the item. Last week we were surprised when a couple of the boys brought their "pets". Walking by the classroom I saw a huddle taking place, and upon investigating I found that Andrew and John had brought their pet beetles. Apparently this is a common boys pet here in Korea. They are big fans of Rhinoceros beetles and Stag beetles.

As he fearlessly held the bug, I asked Andrew if his beetle had a name, and he just said, "Nope, its just beetle."

Chelsie has been very dedicated to taking dance class. She goes every morning during the week before school. She has learned a number of dances which are prominent in Korean pop culture. The kids love it when she shows them up in class. Dance class has also been good for her in that she has made a number of friends and has picked up some more of the language which surrounds us.

We hosted a group of friends from the dance academy one afternoon.
Gohyun Church has been a wonderful encouragement since we have been here. We are have become involved in helping with the Sunday afternoon worship during the English service . The church organized an afternoon trip to a new shipbuilding museum on the island, I'm still not sure why they called it a theme park. Watch out for pirates.
Our friends Mike and Alissa accompanied us. The 3D simulator ride was a blast.
Shipbuilding is the strongest industry here in Korea. The museum beautifully portrayed the history as well as the modern wonders of the industry. The guys were fascinated, the ladies, well, not so much.

Sang-Eon Chun, a principal engineer and a 35 year employee of Samsung Heavy Industries, was a riot and and an excellent source of information along the way. He is a member of the church and one of the funniest Koreans I have met. His expertise is in Drill ships which he explained with enthusiastic animation.

A number of the members of the English church service.
We spent another Saturday at the beach. It was delightful. The sun was very warm and the water is getting warmer as well. Chelsie packed a picnic lunch and we relaxed.

Here are a few last photos that we have caught around town. It is always interesting to investigate what is being sold on the street. Many of the vendors sell right out of their trucks. Bong-tiki, a puffed rice cake is a very popular snack that is made on the spot. It is simply whole grain rice puffed using pressure and heat. Cool machine. MMM, moshie-soyo, delicious!
At the market, a greater variety of fruits and veggies are getting less expensive and more abundant as the seasons change.
Steamed crab, anyone?
That is the latest around here. Stay tuned and well bring you more, live from Korea.


Jeff said...

I thought that must be Jesse standing on a rock looking with great longing across the Pentland Firth to his homeland, but then I noticed he had no shirt. I love the beetles. In H.S., I was doing a science project with Madagascar hissing roaches, a most excellent and large roach, and then noticed that suddenly there were babies, which were quite capable of leaving the vented cage. We moved shortly thereafter, but there may well be a building in NYC with a cross between the German and hissing roaches.

Jeff said...

Oh, BTW, I sent your blog link to a friend here who has a boyfriend in Santa Fe who has a friend in Silver City who has a bamboo farm. She thought her boyfriend would like to see the bamboo craft. Hope you don't mind. Anyway, it's too late.

Jesse and Chelsie said...

That is no problem. Sharing is allowed. There will actually be another postion on bamboo in the near future. I have been busy.

Cory Phillips said...

Hey Guys! That crazy about the beetles! It's so funny how different our cultures are. We finally made it back home, and we're trying to recover from the jetlag. We ended up falling asleep last night at about 5pm. Hope you guys are well...we'll have to skype soon = )

Laura Fry said...

Awww you guys look like you are having so much fun. I love the show and tell! Just a sidenote...Jesse we showed Steve and Jane (Zach's parents) the pics of your bamboo projects and they were pretty impressed! Wanted to let you guys know that Zach and I have a blog at I try and keep it updated...mostly when I get time. Have a great week guys!

Pierre Bellville said...

Hey guys! This is amazing. I'm bad at checking blogs, but I love the anecdotes and pics. When do you all finish up?

Helena said...

Ha! We called those "exploding rice pancakes."

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