Saturday, June 20, 2009


Life here in Korea is well. Despite what one hears on the news, everything is very calm. The potential threat from North Korea isn't even discussed here. The South Korean people really don't pay much attention to the threats anymore. It seems that North Korea has cried wolf one to many times.

Teaching is exciting as usual. Rather than post a number of photos at this second we thought a short video clip would give you a better idea of what it is like to teach these little monkeys.

We are putting together another post with more bamboo arts and crafts as well as more island adventures. It should come out in a few days. So keep an eye out for more. Sorry for the long wait. Is seems like nothing too exciting has happened reciently. Maybe we are getting more comfortable and accustomed to the culture. Fewer things are a shock these days.


Jeff said...

I caught every word. Marvelous. Thanks for waiting so long to post a new one. I was gone on a 10-day meditation retreat in the wilderness of northern New Mexico. It rained, it froze, it was lush and verdant, and the wildflowers would not stop blooming. Oh, and I meditated. Maybe you could let the kids make the next video for your blog? It could be a week's assignment while you sit and drink tea.

Zach Fry said...

Enjoyed the video! Hope to see more to come. I would love to see more bamboo art! The pictures you put up last time were awesome! I showed my family and they were all very impressed. Glad to hear things are mostly calm there. Keep up the good work!

melcrane said...

Loved hearing the kids' voices...but especially liked your moves, Jesse! I'm glad to see you using music as a teaching technique - great way to memorize and learn!

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