Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Biking to Hakdong Beach

We have a buddy who bikes around here. It looked convenient, so we begun to investigate our options. A church friend offered to keep an eye out in the Samsung classifieds. We missed a few options and finally landed a 125cc Daleium Magma. It wasn't the scooter we imagined, but I think that we were actually blessed to get the bigger bike. Cruising around our island became a whole lot easier.Chels and I love being able to take our time now. We had been using the bus system which worked for the most part. It was rather difficult to figure out the bus schedule though. We can now stop and enjoy the scenery or explore some of the more remote twists and turns that the buses don't visit.
One of our favorite rides is to Hakdong beach. We are now teaching morning summer classes alongside our regular afternoon classes, so we have a nice long lunch break in which we make a break for the beach. The scenery along the way is complemented with rice paddies, small rural villages, and beautiful coastal overlooks.
A woman working in the rice paddies.

Cool island wood carving.

And the pebbles of Hakdong Beach. The beach is famous for its black pearl pebbles which make a delightful crackle as they tumble with the receding waves.

There was a lady working on her anchovies. She had all of the little fish laid out on a black cloth and was neatly drying them in the sun and warm breeze.
Chelsie and I strolled down the beach front, passing the fish shops and restaurants along the way.
We eventually made our way down to the beach and found a spot to eat our lunch. The pebbles when wet sport their many colors.
A shot of the beach from a rocky ledge on the end.
Here is a short video attempting to share the wonderful crackle of the pebbles being polished and rounded. Real life is always better. Come and see for yourself!

We are leaving on vacation to Bali, Indonesia for nine days. We are excited to see some tropical beaches, and go jungle hiking. Stay posted and keep us in your prayers as we travel.


Jeff said...

Thanks for the B&W photos. All the green and other beautiful colors were getting to me. And the stones ... close enough to B&W. The video was a fine idea. I love that sound. I think. For a while. I lived in Ocean City, MD, for about 5 months, just over the dunes from the beach. I walked the beach back and forth to work, sometimes in the wee hours, and it was lovely, but in the end, the sound of the surf got to me. It was such a relief to go inland to the woods. I can still feel the peace of it. The surf is relentless and invasive, taking over your mind until all you can do is wait for the next one, which arrives almost like clockwork. Almost, but not quite, and that intermittent reward of perfect timing is captivating (if irritating). The surf is not a babbling brook, which I prefer, along with the sound of splashing in a hot tub with several ... oh, it's time to close the library. Must run.

Jeff said...

Also, I wanted to say that I love the '70s look of the first two photos: the Easy Rider, and then the photog in the mirror shot. It's not that I loved the 70s but rather the joy of recreating the quasi-existentialist sensibility of the blacktop, being hip to Freedom and all.

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