Friday, July 24, 2009

Fishing for Tasty Sea Creatures

It has been a few really rainy weeks since our last post. A huge motivation for our postings is being able to post some good pictures. Here is what a number of my latest pictures looked like.
Yep, the same shot on a not rainy day. Many friends and church family kept mentioning that Korea has a "rainy season". They weren't joking around. We we had straight rain and gusty wind for two weeks. We were pretty happy when it all let up.
Some church friends invited us to go fishing out in the ocean off the island. We made a quick stop at Shabbu Shabbu and then were on our way.

Shabbu Shabbu is one of our favorite restaurants in town. We posted a blog on it once before on June 26th. Chelsie is finishing up the tasty meal by stiring in the rice with the remainder of the soup broth.Mr.Yoo, the man in the purple, has some friends who are fishing guides. They were headed out to go spear fishing and had agreed to take us along.
There were many things through out the day that we never understood. The English translation was a bit weak, but it was still an adventure and a fun outing.
We left from this small village on the island. There is a large amount of small fishing vessels and fisherman who have nets or dive for shells for their livelihood.
Mr. Yoo hands off the harpoon like spear and the divers went overboard in search of fish.
While the divers were below we fished from the boat. It was rather entertaining. A couple times we snagged some old nets which were in the water, but we failed to snag any fish.
The divers caught a bunch of random shellfish, starfish, weird looking fish, and some sea cucumbers.
As soon as they had all the gear in the boat. One of the men grabbed a sea cucumber and his knife,...
and chopped up the strange sea creature on his flipper/cutting board. He threw the guts overboard, rinsed the pieces with some bottled water and dug in.
Mr. Yoo says, "MMM, Mashie soy yo." I did try one of the hunks of sea cucumber, which were supposedly good for your health, Chelsie passed. I didn't go back for seconds.
Back on land and a few nights later we hosted a Fiesta. Chelsie found some Ancho peppers in the market and so we threw a chili relleno party.
My job was to get the chilis roasted. Pliers, a camping grill, and the gas stove proved to be sufficient.
Chelsie learned to make rellenos from her Grandmother, Lucy. They are one of our favorite Mexican dishes. The evening was complete with good friends and good food.


Jeff said...

I like the before and after harbor shots. You know we all thought the first one was a UFO, although not the Mother Ship, of course. Then the marvelous surprise of the next, clear, picture. Seeing the ships so close made up for the loss of the UFOs. As for sushi/sashimi, I maintain my present position on the matter and after your photo essay am leaning heavily toward complete vegetarianism.

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