Friday, July 10, 2009

Night Lights and More

Time does fly when you are having fun. It flys when you are not expecting it as well. Life has been pretty normal around here lately. We honestly are not too, busy but seem to find lots of things to do. We try not to get "busy" at least while we have the chance.

As the weather has improved we have made additional trips to the beach. It makes for such a relaxing weekend.

The city scape in the evenings can be quite eye catching. This shot is from our front porch.
Our small city buzzes busily until about 1:00am and then it is sleepy until 6:00.

The neon signs still strike us as fun and interesting. We can now read them phonetically but more often than not we still have no clue what they mean.
Gohyeon Harbor
One of the shipyards is right around the bend. At night the lights are beautiful. The combination of colors and the reflection create a painting. (Right to Left: golf driving range, Gohyeon Dinner Cruise, bridge, restaurants, apartments)
Our west facing porch gives us the opportunity to watch the moon settle into the mountains above the city scape.
Although this is not the church we attend, it is a common site around town and a cool reminder that we are surrounded by believers even in another part of the world.
This is our Sunday afternoon church service. We feel really blessed to have connected with a church in the area which has a small English service. The congregation is a unique blend of individuals from many countries and many walks of life. Chelsie and I have become involved in the praise and worship portion of the service. I sing (ha ha), and she plays the piano.
Since the church is very large and has multiple services they offer lunch to all those who are hungry. Our service begins at 1:00 and so we grab a bite to eat at the church cafeteria every Sunday. It gives us a chance to meet other church members as well as try out some staple foods. For cafeteria cooking we are impressed.
The church is very warm and welcoming. They hold a number of activities and events which we do our best to attend. Many of the Korean members have made themselves available when we needed help or a translator.
God has really blessed us being here. It is our prayer that we are able to bless others by being here as well.
Chelsie has been busy in the kitchen as usual. She made a mean broccoli salad this week. We have really been enjoying the fresh tomatoes which appeared at the market a few weeks ago. Chels gets such a kick out of trying new and interesting recipes. I get a kick out of trying them as well. We have had some good "experiments" lately.I had some delicious tuna wraps.
I finished my last big bamboo project this week. It was a end table for our couch.

The most difficult part is getting all the joints to fit together.I designed it so it dissembles so I may be able to take it home when we leave. Well see!??
A coconut with seashells and the tea light candle holder add a nice touch.
Here is another humorous, at least we thought, video from ECC. The kiddos are pretty funny on a regular basis. I wish I could catch it on film more often.


Jeff said...

Is the man falling off the rock wearing Keens? I confess to continuing jealousy about your access to bamboo. I'm sure that Jesse deserves the exquisite preparations of fresh food provided by Chelsie. They look better than any photo I've seen on Asian menus here. I see a consulting future: Jelsie Food Marketing Consultants, LLC.

melcrane said...

Jesse singing - Oh yeah!! So glad you're taking in all the culture there and have made yourselves at home. The kids are adorable!

The Moore Family said...

el baseball bounce" lol....that's pretty funny. nice table man, it would be really cool if you could bring it over here or at least some of your projects. hey good luck on the singing

Jeff said...

Also, I've been meaning to say that this thing of having water views from the front porch, not to mention the "west porch," makes me wonder if I shouldn't teach English in Korea.

How many porches do you have?

Jesse and Chelsie said...

Yep they are keens. I love my keens. They are the same ones that I got married in. No kidding. Oh and the porches. We have a front porch and a back porch. I emphasized the "west" facing aspect because, in referencing astronomical changes, our ability to observe can be limited by the direction we are oriented. Cool? We do like our porches. Had a great cup of tea this afternoon, and am now waiting for the rain to pass over so we can walk to work.

Hope all is well. Thanks for staying in touch.


Laura Fry said...

You guys look so happy! It looks like you have really made a lot of friends and are enjoying what you are doing. It's funny how I am now working in my office...and many times I think back on our good old Senate days. Zach and I miss visiting with you guys. I thought I might let you know...Sarah Corn is having a baby girl any day now...Lisa Rohr is getting married at the chapel this Saturday...Steph and Casey were married last Saturday...Seth and Kristin Shuffield got married a couple of weeks's just crazy how things are changing...oh and Sarah D. comes home from her 11 month missions deal in August!! I think that's about it. I thought you might enjoy hearing about the latest happenings! Take Care guys!

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