Sunday, August 16, 2009

Beautiful Beaches

Our friend Fiona stumbled along this tiny beach and recommended it to us. One morning we rented a 125cc scooter and left in search of this little piece of paradise. Checking the map, we drew closer, and while crossing a bridge on the curvy little road, we spotted the dot on the map; labeled Padang Padang. Paying 20 cents to park the scooter that we had paid $5 to rent for the day we then hiked toward the cliff overlooking the beach. We found this tiny passageway which squeezed between the rocks and waited for some dudes to come up with their surf boards.
It was unbeatable. About 100 yards of sand surrounded by lava rocks with terrific views of the ocean and waves braking on the shore and out on the reef. There were very few people there, a definite bonus.
Many surfers were out where the waves were breaking on the reef. We choose to just watch and were glad we did as the tide went out and a surfer came in with his back all scratched up. We learned that as the tide recedes there is a stronger break, but at the same time the consequences for a risky run can be great, as one can get dashed against the reef.
As the tide went out in the afternoon, more of the beach opens up and we founded a secluded spot under some palms, and between lava rocks.

I did some reading in our friend's Lonely Planet book...
and Chelsie did some reading on her Kendle book. I think that she was reading "Wuthering Heights" at the time.

The locals came and went, trying to sell you jewelery, sarongs, and t-shirts.
On top of one of the big rocks jetting into the water there was a small "temple" where offerings were set and incense lit on a daily basis. There were rusty old coins scattered about. I assume that they were the remainder of past offerings and were quickly corroded by the salty breeze.

The ocean was a beautiful aqua-marine blue. Mossy rocks peeked out of the water as the tide went out.

A definite spot that we would like to go back to. I don't know if we ever will. There are so many things to see in this world. God's creation is beautiful.


Jeff said...

I see one monkey got ahold of the Lonely Planet guide. That's what happens when you start to feed wildlife. Beautiful pictures of a heavenly place. I'll spend some more time with them later ...

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