Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dreaming in Dreamland

Dreamland beach was another favorite of ours. We enjoyed watching the surfers carve impressive waves and relaxing with our friends, soaking in the moment. We spent the better part of one afternoon just sitting on the rocks as the waves crashed around us, drenching us in the sea water.
The children of Bali are beautiful. These little boys were having the time of their lives playing in the water. They weren't afraid of anything. While they only had one body board between three of them and they didn't let that dampen their fun. All three would sit on it at the same time waiting for the next wave to come. With their combined weight, however, they only moved a few feet each time a wave came.

Mike and Chelsie heading into the waves.
Dreamland had a shore break as well as a reef break and you could play in the waves if you were brave enough. Near the shore the waves were anywhere from 5-7 feet, while those on the reef were upwards of 15 feet.

The view from atop a cliff we hiked up.

The sunsets were magical. Although they were beautiful, they were also a bit gloomy, we never wanted the day to end.


Jeff said...

Oooo! Aaaaah!

Really, how come everyone's not posting a thousand ooooo's and aaaaah's? Laura said she realizes she missed the real, or at least the beautiful, Bali (she was there mid-80s). Is there an ugly part of Bali? Go there. Report.

Jesse and Chelsie said...

Well, the mid 80's was about 20 years ago. There are still poorer parts of the island which we usually saw while in route. I can't honestly say I took too many pictures. You are right, it is still third world, but it is also well tourized. Tourism is definately making a footprint in the culture. Sometimes I feel bad about being there and more or less promoting the change. Although I am glad to have expierenced it. There are many Balinese who have turned a pretty penny while capitalizing on the tourism. We often asked our drivers that we hired about the local area 10-15 years ago. We got both the positives and the negatives. It was a cool exierence. Some of the most desperate that we saw were at the Tegalalang rice terraces. Yet to come....

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