Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ubud- The Utmost of Art and Culture

Welcome to Ubud. A unique town where the arts have flourished for centuries. We were told that there is not a word for "art" in the Balinese culture. Everyone is and artist, everyone has a talent or a craft in which they have been trained. In researching prior to going to Bali, we learned that their agricultural knowledge and expertise in rice farming was so adept that they were able to devote more time to the arts that most third world cultures. We stayed in a homestay called Narasoma. It was a very simple accommodation with only the necessities. It was very affordable coming to about $15 per night. The host was excellent and full of good tips and information concerning the area.
The nicest part of the stay was the views from the back and front porches. One overlooked the jungle and the other the city.
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In the mornings we could see the distant Mt.Agung, the holy mountain/ volcano.A highly recommended destination is the Ubud market. A mixture of tourist trinkets and Balinese lifestyle, the market was interesting but in some places slightly foreboding. Some of the vendors could become very pushy and at times begged for you to buy.

The items for sale were limitless. With every turn you saw different items and with every turn you moved deeper into the overwhelming atmosphere. Enough pictures could not be taken. It was sensory overload. The smells, the sounds, and the sights; fascinating.
Spices, Sunglasses, Sarongs.
Foods, Fabrics, Furniture,...
Fruits, Fish, and Feathers.
Petals, Purses, Paintings, and Plates.
Statues, Silver, Shirts.
Idol and Incense. Jewelery and Jimbay.
Baskets, Bracelets, Bowls, Banners
All was to be seen and sold in the market. It was all very inexpensive.

The Monkey Forest is also a Ubud favorite. Once again bananas for sale at the gates were highly coveted by the monkeys inside. The forest/jungle had an Indiana Jones feel to it, as all the limestone carvings were green with moss and the dense vegetation draped overhead.
Pura Dalem Agung- Temple of the dead. There were stone carvings of gargoyles eating children. Pretty wild.
The monkeys were terrific! Cute and funny but ferocious when you flashed bananas about.

Another one of many temples which are scattered throughout Ubud.

All over wherever we went while we were in Bali were daily offerings scattered about. They were often on the sidewalk or entrances of buildings. They were also piled high at temples and sacred spots. Each individual puts out multiple of them every day. Some ornate, some more simple. They were made from banana leaves and they things such as rice, spices, flower petals, cigarettes, coins, bananas, and a stick of incense. All biodegradable.

Adventures are like smoke in the breeze. The aroma of the present lingers for a moment and then dissipates leaving pleasant memories and a desire for more.


Anonymous said...

This is so awsome!!!! I loved hearing from Chelsie about what you guys wanted to do during our class together and at the Loft! Now i enjoy watching it come to fruition...wonderfull! Were all thinking about you at the loft....Devin

Jeff said...

"Adventures are like smoke in the breeze. The aroma of the present lingers for a moment and then dissipates leaving pleasant memories and a desire for more."

Be careful, Grasshopper, to remain in the aroma of the present; do not live in the past or grasp for the future. Now, quickly, snatch the pebble from my hand ...

Jesse and Chelsie said...

Hey there Jeff. Is yours a quote from a book? Grasshopper? You lost me there. Thanks for staying current.

Jeff said...

What? You didn't watch "Kung Fu" re-runs on TV? I told your parents they were going down the wrong path with this no-TV stuff, but would they listen? Now you're in Asia and unprepared.

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