Thursday, August 13, 2009

Uluwatu Cliffs- Bali Indonesia

The famous Uluwatu Cliff Temple is touted as a must see in Bali. Located on the west coast and hopping, with monkeys it was a beautiful and exciting stop. The temple was not the largest or most elaborate that we saw while we were there, but the scenery and the surroundings were fantastic. Upon entering the temple area you must "rent" and wear a sarong. Its like a skirt. I was also sure to buy some peanuts for Chelsie from the ladies in front of the entrance. Well, the peanuts were for the monkeys, but Chelsie is the one who loves to feed them.
The waves were fantastic as they crashed against the cliffs below. The sounds, the smell of the ocean, and the vanishing horizon were memorable. It reminded me in a way of our drive along the Big Sur region on the southern California coast line.
The temple is perched on top of the cliff and compliments the scenery.
The monkey stalk the tourists and seem to be everywhere. They are funny little munchkins and are always looking for handouts.
Chelsie wanted to take this little buddy home. He loved peanuts.

As sunset approached we migrated to the amphitheatre and found seats for the traditional Kecak dance. The performance is a series of scenes depicting stories of love, war, happiness and sadness. Elaborately dressed in colorful costumes, the actors use expressionate faces and disfigured movements to play their role while the men sit in a circle and chant in a trance like fashion. Only using vocal percussion to create rhythm and melody the chants change each scene without a a rest. The music and dance lasted the better part of an hour as the sun dipped into the ocean.

This was my main reason for wanting to see the dance is that they said that there would be fire during the performance.
After the sunset at Uluwatu, we changed beaches with our friends and went to Jimboran for an outdoor seafood dinner. It was very romantic with the live music, candles flickering, and the waves crashing on the shore.
The selection of entrees was like one would only find on the ocean side. Crab, lobster, and shrimp by the kilo. You could take you pick.

Chelsie and I enjoyed grilled red snapper and salad. We drank fresh juices and coconut milk with a straw from a fresh coconut. Down the beach, fireworks were shot over the ocean.


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