Monday, September 14, 2009

Cable Cars in Tongyong

Another interesting destination, in our neighborhood, that we got the chance to visit was the Tongyong cable cars. A church friend from the Philippines, by the name of Jesse, offered to take us. The cable cars were installed two years ago. It is a very easy and popular way to get to the top of scenic Mt.Mireuksan.
The boarding area was packed with older ladies, ajumas, who were so eager to get on the cable cars that it had became a brawl. There was pushing, pulling, arguing, and cutting to get to the front of the line. It was quite entertaining. We were noticed by one of the attendants and since we were non-Korean tourists we were ushered to the front without the fight. Quite nice.

Colorful cars swung around the carousel and we hopped aboard. It was an easy 10 minutes to the top. We rode along with our friend and a couple of the ajumas.

The clouds came and went throughout the afternoon. We "hiked" up the stairs to the summit from the upper gondola station.
Although it was not the highest summit that we have conquered it was a great view. Islands were scattered on the ocean like polka-dots on a shirt from the 70's.
We also got a birds-eye view of the city and shipyards below. Our friend Jesse pointed out the yards and some of the ships that his company had finished.

The second half of the trip to Tongyong was a stop to see a replica of a historic battle ship used to defend Korea from Japan. The Koreans are very proud of their victory in 1592 when Admiral Yi Sun-sin's fleet of turtle ships fought off Japanese invaders.
We practiced the rowing technique.
The spikes on the roof defended it from enemies that might want to "swing" in from other ships for a visit. The steel roof, which resembles a turtles shell, was able to deflect fiery arrows. cannon balls and the like.
The ship sat among fishing vessels in the bay adjacent to the live fish market.
We went for a traditional Korean meal, of Bulgogi, after all our exhausting hiking and paddling. It was a great afternoon.
(Bulgogi- Meat you grill at your table. I also tried a number of shell fish, ate a chicken heart. I'll stick to the beef.)


Jeff said...

Way to conquer those peaks! Cable cars are one of those things that makes me wonder, Why? But of course the answer is, Because we can. Islands scattered like polka dots on a t-shirt from the 70s? When have you seen a t-shirt from the 70s? Oh, wait. I forgot. You grew up wearing them. They were still in the back of that VW bus youse guys had. You have done well, Grasshopper, surviving your childhood.

Jeff said...

pardon me: "make me wonder"

Jesse and Chelsie said...


I laugh just about every time that I read your comments. The 70's are back here in Korea. Ill have to do a posting on the fashion trends here. It is very humorous.


Helena said...

Hi! I just stumbled across your blog while looking for info about jellyfish at Gujora Beach. I was in Korea (Daejeon) as an LDS missionary waaaaaay back in 92-93, and we're planning a trip next year with our two kids. We're planning to go to Gojura and also do the cable car in Tongyeong (and I'm sure my husband will want to see the turtle ship replica!) I love your photos. (The lighting in the "rowing technique practice" shot is especially nice. I hope I can get some lighting like that!)

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