Monday, September 21, 2009

Church Picnic

Chelsie and I went for a bike ride this weekend. After about 20 minutes into the trip we stopped for some pictures and I discovered very quickly that I had forgot to put my memory card back into my camera. I therefore only had 6 shots that I could take on the camera's internal memory. It was disappointing, but on the other hand it was also a gentle reminder that we need to enjoy the moment. I sometimes get too caught up in capturing it.

I love my biking co-pilot. We were approaching the end of our motorbike adventure and the sun was setting. I was watching out for speed bumps and Chels tapped me on the shoulder and pointed out this beautiful shot. We turned the bike around and I used all six of my precious shots to capture this lone tree in the ripening rice fields.

The rest of these pictures are from a recent church outing that was held by the Gohyun Church English Ministry. The regular church holds a service for those who speak English. It has really been a blessing in the time we have been here. We have become quite involved in the music and in other ways in which we are needed.

A few Sundays ago we met in Geoje's Recreational Forest. We had the service here and we also had a picnic. Many of the members are from Nepal and work in the shipyards here. There are others who are English teachers like us. My frined Anton took these pictures of the event.

The first picture was to be the serious one and the second was to be the goofy one. If you look carefully, I believe that only Chelsie and I understood the directions.

A Korean camp style meal of beef stirfry, ramen noodles, gimbap, and fresh fruit was prepared with help from everyone.
We had ice breaker games, hiking, music, and a message by Pastor Lucas.
We took turns introducing new friends.

The church here has been such a blessing to us in many ways. They have helped us in practical ways, like Korean lessons and locating a motorcycle, as well as helping us grow spiritually. We were involved in a international ministry back home. It has been a really cool experience to be on the other side of the "international" ministry.


Jeff said...

I was just looking up a place out your way, Easter Island, and thought I'd check in. Well, OK, but it's in the Pacific, anyway. My world is divided into that way and the other way. I live a very provincial life. Work and the library are a block away, and within three blocks are restaurants, cafes, bars, a grocery store, a health food store, a kitchen store, and a yoga studio. And more churches than you can shake a stick at. You guys would love living here, in fact. Anyway, J & C are not the only ones who got the instructions for the goofy picture: see lower right, gray plaid. The food looks good, but the plastic bags are too close to the fire. Lovely picture of the tree in the rice field. Carry on.

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