Monday, September 28, 2009

망산 Mangsan- A Mountain Top

The weather really took a turn for the better a few weeks ago. Honestly is has clouded up again, but for the time that we had the beautiful blue sky we made the most of it. Our good friends Mike and Alissa accompanied us to the southern tip of the island. It is a very fun trail to hike because of the loop that it makes. You never see the same thing twice. We had hiked this mountain loop once before in March when we had first arrived in Korea. The difference between the summer and winter is very obvious. (September and March) Although it is not exactly the same shot, which I should have coordinated better, it conveys the idea.

The shipping industry, as I have mentioned in other posts, is the mainstay of Korean commerce and especially of our Island. Here is a barge carrying two pieces of a hull for a ship that will be many times its size. The enormity of size is difficult to comprehend.

The rice from above. I was amazed at the clarity of the water. I made me feel like I was back in Bali. It must have been the lighting and the angle.

There were a number of rock outcroppings throughout the hike. Always good vantage points and picnic locations.The summit.
All of the hikes in Korea have flags which are attached to trees all along the trail. Here they were concentrated at the top, on this one tree. They appear to be advertisements for company hiking groups, but remind me of the flags in Nepal, which I hope to see someday.
It wasn't all trail. There was some scrambling as well.

A mountain top chat.
It was a good day to be in the great outdoors.
Thanks for staying posted. Pass the blog on to all those who you believe would appreciate it. Stay in touch.


Jeff said...

Yes, twice I lost this comment. You'd think I'd learn. Anyway, quickly, I look at the pictures before reading, and when I saw the barge, I thought it was some kind of eccentric traditional Korean vessel. Only when I clicked to see the bigger picture (if only it were so easy in my life) did I see what it really was. Neat. Also, some nice vertiginous pictures.

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