Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Ride- Ocean, Mountians, and Islands

We try and keep some traditions around here, sometimes we fail, and sometimes we are able to keep them. Saturday for Chelsie and I is a day for adventure. Since college we have loved to get out and explore on the weekend. On Sunday afternoons, after church, we have begun to take bike rides. The past two weekends we ventured down to the southern part of the island known as Windy Hill. The weather has been outstanding and I don't believe that we have seen the skies this clear in quite a while. From a small windy knob out on the peninsula we overlooked the coastline.

Riding a little further took us to Sinseondae. A colorful outcropping of rocks followed by a pebble beach. We relaxed and took in the surroundings.

We watched a local take a swim and then preform some yoga on the beach.

The colorful pebbles of Hammok Beach.
Back on the tarmac we headed east, taking the scenic coastal route and occasionally stopping to take pictures.

This past weekend we decided to climb the tallest mountain on the island, Garasan.
Up and up we went. Korean trails tend to have no switchbacks in them. They simply go UP. There are occasionally sets of stairs that have been built and disappear into the trees above.

The summit was fairly disappointing, unlike many of the other hikes that we have done in the past. It was a grassy knob with limiting views.
The summit, 585m above sea level.
On our way down we left the trail in search of a rocky pinnacle that would get us above tree line. Eureka!

This rock outcropping made the work to get up worth it.
On the way home we passed some of the rice fields which are beginning to ripen now that they have hit maturity. The fragrance of the rice is also now filling the air as we ride through the valleys.

Thanks for staying in touch. Well be back with more.
Stay tuned for: Screen Golf


Jeff said...

Nice. More easy rider. Manipulative scary photo of heroine on precipice. David Lynch close-up at the end. Nice.

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