Saturday, December 26, 2009

Gingerbread Construction and Consumption

Everyone's christmas comes with some traditions. One of ours is making gingerbread houses.

Chelsie made the dough and we rolled out the logs and baked them in the toaster oven. We then went began the cutting and assimbling.

On went the roof and the chimney.

Careful decorations were added: Shingles, Christmas lights, Trees, Ice sicles

The woodplile in the back, and a light coating of snow.

The gingerbread was on display in our house for a few days and then it moved over to school where it was on display for a few days. The day came, and the announcement was made that we were going to dig in and tons of kids flooded in.

Purely chaos.....

They loved it.

Even after the few days on display, it was still suprisingly tastey.


Sajmon said...

Wow, now that's cool. I wanna be able to do something like that :) Merry Christmas, Jesse and Chelsie,
just another foreigner livin' in Gohyeon ^^

Jeff said...

Marvelous! My tradition apparently is to descend into a dark funk on Christmas Eve. I'm working on changing that, but it's a tricky thing. However, we did do some cards this year, had fun with some gifts, and started turkey soup as soon as we got home with the leftovers Christmas morning (it was a Xmas Eve dinner at Mom's). I baked bread on the Eve, but that's not really a tradition, since I do it every few days. We're going to decorate a tree in the forest with edibles for the wintering critters for New Year's, so that might become a tradition, even if my granddaughters decide they don't like doing it. We like the idea. Happy New Year, if that counts in Korea.

Aveman said...

Chelsie and Jesse:

That is just about the cutest gingerbread house we've ever seen... Avery is sharing his computer, so Darcy, Mama, and Papa just got a great insight into the lives of teachers J and C! Good work- keep it up. Soon you'll be on to some other new adventure in life. We love you both!

-Ma, Pa, and the kids

Jeff said...

BTW, the second photo of Jesse hands with the knife looks staged. (I'm assuming those are not Chelsie's hands.) I'll be doing a photo analysis to see if I can read his watch and compare it to the clock in the previous photo. But nevertheless, I still enjoyed looking at these again. It's enough to make me fix a cup of tea and dig through the old holiday goodies to see if there's anything edible left. And so I shall ...

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