Monday, December 14, 2009

Muju Skiing

This past weekend we bought a package which included transportation, rentals, and lift tickets. Since it was early season it was only about $50 for the deal. No complaints. The week in the classroom sped by as we eagerly waited for the weekend to come. It is now come and gone, just as many things in life seem to do.

It was our first time to ski this year. It was a good warm up. Chelsie and I went with five other friends to the resort. Many of them had never skied before, some had never seen snow, being they are from Indonesia and South Africa.

The lift lines were a bit busy before lunch it was about a 20 minute wait at the base, and then after lunch it was more like 50 minutes. A bit too crazy for me.

Skiing is a very popular sport. Each area caters to a large number people because the population density is so much highter. A drive to the ski area here is alot closer for many more people than it is back home.

Joe Teacher (green hat) headed to the top. He has his mean face on. We call him shredder Joe.

Here is our famous "Marker" teacher. He is use to the warmer weather of South Africa. It was his first day on the board and he did really well keeping two feet under him.

At the summit of the mountain there was this sweet pagoda. It would have been really nice if there was some snow blanketed over it.

The sun set on the other side of the mountain.

The Summit and the landscape. We took "chorus" lift and then had the option of taking "Harmony" or "Melody" to the top.


Jeff said...

Hope you brought your sand board with you. Those rocks look rough. I thought I saw myself in one pic, tangled in the orange fence, but I remembered you're in Korea. Please continue to do fun things for our benefit.

Cory Phillips said...

Hey Man! I got your christmas card/letter! It looks like you guys are having a blast in Japan, We are definitely jealous. We've been itching for a trip for the last month or so, but haven't had the resources. We're doing a cruise in Jan, so maybe that will suffice us until spring. We can't wait to get together when you get back. How's did the camera hunt turn out? We need to skype soon!


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