Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo was a blend of old and new. Skyscrapers stood next to historic buildings and palace gardens. Temples mixed into winding streets with quaint restaurants. Fashion walked the sidewalks... Parada, Louis Vitton, and Coach. Rolls Royce, Bently, BMW, Mercedes on the streets. Downtown was exciting. We felt a bit out of place in our hiking boots and backpacks.

We found our way to the Government building which has a public observation floor 65 stories in the sky.

It would have been great to see at night.

We visited Honda's showroom to see the Robot Asimo preform.

Vending machines on the streets offer a plentiful selection of food, drinks, and other things that surprised us.

Beer and cigarettes too.
A familiar brand name in an unfamiliar place.

Where ever we go it is always fun to watch and interact with the people. They are very friendly and the children are cute.


Jeff said...

Did you throw a rock into the water for that first picture?

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