Saturday, February 13, 2010

Beautiful Faces

Over Christmas break Chelsie and I taught some extra classes in the morning. The children were, of course, not attending regular public school while they were on "vacation" so some came to the extra English program that ECC (English Center for Children) offers. Teaching extra can be quite tiring, because it bumps up our load quite a bit, but it also bumps up our checks at the end of the month.

I have been saving for a new camera and was finally able to pick it up with with some of the money that I made during vacaton class. I took my camera to work a few times this past week and really had fun. God's children are so precious.

Sandy Teacher, who sits next to me in the teachers room, busy checking papers.

If a student gets sick, or if there is a bug going around, some of the kiddos wear face masks to cut down on the germs passed about.

Peeking into the teachers room.

Frank had made a few attempts to hide out in the cabnet below the TV in the classroom. One day he somehow got the other students to say he was absent, and he hid out for 20 minutes of class. When I discovered him, he actually had his book open, and his bag stuffed under his bum. I closed the doors again and then we had a humorous five minutes of asking "the box" various text questions and "the box" magically replied.

The BOYS who didn't do their homework lined up for the mug shot....

We have been blessed by the children over the past year, although we did realize that we were not born to be occupational teachers. Both Chelsie and I have students which we have become very fond of and have alot of stories about. When we look at the photos that we took of the same kids at the beginning of the year and discover how much they have grown up, it make us realize that time flies.