Monday, March 8, 2010

Bangkok, Thailand

Hello Everyone, Greetings from Bangkok, Thailand. We made it safely and really have enjoyed the wild sights, sounds and tastes. Here is a sample of what is going on....

What would Thailand be without Tuk-tuks? We have ridden in a number of shapes and sizes of these unique modes of transportation.

Wat Phra Kaew

An afternoon at the Grand Palace. It was a taste of traditional architecture. A stunning display of beauty and design.

The Thai language in writing.

Chelsie and I bought "appropriate attire" so we could enter the temple area.

Offerings of fruit and incense.

The lotus flower. A prevalent theme imitated in many forms of art and architecture.

Wonderful food. Our favorite was papaya salad.

We passed on the street meats.

But bought some street mangoes.

The Flower Market

We had never smelled such a wonderful market. Lined with lilies and orchids and many others.

The Thai make beautiful decorations for the alters at the temples.

Basketfulls of orchids.

Fruits and vegetables too.

We took a long boat cruise on the canals of Bangkok. It was highly recommended and now we know why. The hour trip was thoroughly enjoyed.

MASSIVE lizards lurked in the cracks of the canals. The boat driver backed up the boat so we could get an up close and personal look at this 5 foot monster. He looked like he was well fed too. He might eat the children that swim in the canals.

Sunset on the river.

The bustling Ko-san Road.

Night life galore. Not our pick, but a we had wonderful accommodations buried in it somewhere.

Thanks for checking in on us. We will do our best to keep you updated.


Alissa and Mike Quirk said...

Hey there guys!
Your trip looks awesome so far! We wish we were there with you! Awesome pictures! Stay safe!

Take care

Amber said...

Wow!!! I love you guys... Beautiful pics -- as always Jess! Wish I were with you guys :)

promisedlanddairy said...

Looks like Raiders of the Lost Ark type place! Do they noodle for those lizards like some rednecks do catfish?? Love and Prayers, Mama and Papa Bright

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