Monday, March 29, 2010

Chang Mi is the historic capital of Thailand. There have been a number of capitals in the history of the country, but this one is unique. The time of year that we visited is a bit hazy, because they are burning off the rice fields inpreperation for the spring planting, but it was a must see anyway.

There are a number of temples scattered throughout the city. When walking through the city we swung through a few of them.

O.K. this one was interesting. There are times that I am not sure who does the decorating. Can you find what doesn't belong?

Above answer: What in the world is Donald Duck doing at this temple?

BONGGG! Chelsie took the chance to bong the gong.

Nearby one of the temples a local artist worked on a portrait of a monk.

We stayed in the old part of the city. It is quite scenic. You often can see Tuk tuks and bicycles meandering through the windy streets.

A motorcycle with a sidecar. There are many of these. They haul everything from water to vegetables, to people.

I believe that they were harvesting Lotus seed pods. Many people enjoy snacking on them.

A monk takes a rest in a bamboo hut with a leaf roof. They monks in orange are ofter very friendly. They often smile in passing and have even chatted with us on occasion.

It has been a while since Chelsie has bought new clothes. Our style was a bit different that what we had access to in Korea. While in Chang Mi, Chels went on a shopping spree at Chang Mi Cotton. The store was locally owned and the clothes were designed and made in house. She bought a cute blue shirt and two dresses. The brown dress which she is standing next to is one that she purchsed.

Thailand is also known for its silks. We saw so many things made from it. It is beautiful as it changes colors when you tilt it from side to side.

Chelsie did some research before we arrived in Chang Mi and made a fantastic find. We stayed in a very cozy guest house called Charcoa House. They rooms were very nice, the decor was warm, and their small restraunt was fantastic. A number of locals come to enjoy the tastey dishes that they serve.

Our room.

Chels enjoying a piece of Chocolate cake. The black dress is one of her new ones from Chang Mi and I bought her the silver necklace. She is such an elegent young lady. XOXO

I had pasta before desert. It was to die for. The salads were also very good at the Charcoa House too.

Chelsie's wore her new blue blouse the next day and we enjoyed fresh fruit shakes.


Jeff said...

Chelsie's parting smile is candid and charming, of course. Maybe Donald Duck is in that picture because he's traveling the way the Gnome did in the movie "Amelie." Inanimate objects are people, too, you know. Anyway, I think I will hire Chelsie as my travel agent next time we go abroad. You keep ending up in beautiful places. I'm guessing Charcoa House was just thirty bucks a night. We stayed in Manitou Springs this past weekend for sixty bucks in a vintage motel. It was a comfy room with a shower you couldn't bend over in and a sink with a spectacular centipede. I took him outside, he was too lovely. The TV wasn't close to your modern one, and it had stunningly bad cable stations. However, on Sunday morning before breakfast, we got some religion watching a show about the history of Hell. So that was fun. My other friends are now in Hanoi, and others in Taiwan, so I guess you won't see them. I guess there are enough other people there.

Amber said...

Wow!!! So beautiful it made me cry... I wish I were there :)

promisedlanddairy said...

The closing picture is delightful. Chelsie, you could sell dresses (or anything else for that matter) with a smile like that! Jeff's comment was so Jeff. We really miss that guy!

Jennifer Christian said...

My home! If ya'll are still there, you should hang out with my Mom- she can show you the great sights!

Also, Ben and I are so looking forward to talking to you both when you get back! We are very interested in this teaching english business...

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