Friday, March 5, 2010

Good Bye Korea

It was very strange saying goodbye to our home in Korea. We said farewell to so many people. It is very different than the goodbyes that we said in college. The chances of seeing our Korean friends is quite less.

We said goodbyes to the church, to our friends in the fish market, other foreigner friends in Geoje, the kids at ECC, and the wonderful teachers at ECC. We said good bye to our motorbike and our cozy appartment in the sky too. It was sweet and sour. An end and a new beginning.

Chelsie and I feel so blessed by the time God gave us, the individuals we were surrounded with, and the fun we had.

Thursday morning we hopped aboard a cab and headed for the airport. It was a very wild ride to Busan. The rainy weather, speedy driving, foggy windshield, and blaring K-pop music was the ultimate adventure.

The road to Busan has many tunnels.

We boarded our flight after catching a few winks at the airport. First to Bejing, and then to Bangkok. Jesse made friends on the flight.

He was super cute. We traded chocolate for Mentos and had sword fights with the plastic utencils from or dinner.

We arrived safely in the sultry warm weather of Thailand. We will be spending the next two weeks exploring this wild country.

Chelsie and I will be traveling for ten weeks in south east Asia. We will keep you posted as we hop around. Stayed up to date with the latest right here on our blog.


promisedlanddairy said...

Oh my goodness, that little boy is so cute! I have greatly enjoyed your photo chronology, not to mention the wonderful subscripts. I'm looking forward to all your new adventures. Please keep us posted. May God keep watch over you both. Love, Mama

Jeff said...

Oh, this made me feel sad. I have friends traveling Cambodia and Vietnam for another month yet. Rachel and Bailey. Attractive couple; 50's; not much luggage. If you meet them, please say hi from Salida. Cambodia was mainly for Angkor Wat, which they did first. Now and the rest of the time is Vietnam. Supposed to be a wonderful country to visit. Good french bread. Have a great trip. Looking forward to postings (but don't feel any pressure (not much, anyway (but some))).

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