Sunday, March 21, 2010

Railay, Thailand

We made our way from Ko Tao to Railay beach. Railay has beautiful limestone mountains which jett above the beach line. Arriving was quite an adventure. There is no overland route to the skinny peninsula. It is rather isolated. We arrived after dark. The van dropped us off on the shore and we climbed aboard a longtail boat and rode the waves to Railay in the dark.

The peninsula has two shore lines. The east and the west. One is more of a mangrove type beachline and the other is sandy and more for relaxation. The below pictures are of Raily east.

The beautiful limestone cliffs are famous for rock climbing.

There are lots of locals which have have taken on the reggae look. They are climbers by day and bartenders by night. I think I may have seen Bob Marley.

Chels and I did some hiking around the area. We made a really nice trip to a sunken lagoon, high in one group of mountains.

Local wildlife.

We passed on the Thai tattoos.

Jesse's friend, Mark, gave him a diablo before leaving Korea. They are also known as Chinese tops. Jesse is learning to do different tricks and the beach is a great place to practice.

We took a snorkeling/ island tour trip. It was a great adventure. We got some mango smoothies from a boat vendor at one of the islands.

Longtail boats are like taxis. They take you everywhere. We were part of a group of about 10 on our snorkeling trip.

Although it wasn't as fun as diving, we still saw lots of colorful creatures. Chelsie and I also got plenty of sun that day even though we applied lots of sunscreen.

A very cool looking sail boat anchored in front of the limestone caves on Railay.

Scrambling around on the beach area.

The first night that we arrived in Railay, we were tired and didn't have any accommodations booked. Looking for a place at night is always an experience. We opted for a very cheap bungalow and regretted it immediately. Pretty dirty to say the least. The next day we were able to shop around some more and find a very nice place for just a few more more dollars.

Our philosophy for budget travel is find a nice resort and then stay in the cheapest room that they have.

We hung out at the pool during the afternoons. Diamond Cave Resort was a great place.

With the large amount of limestone mountains in the area there are of course caves too. There was one right behind our hotel that we checked out one evening.

We enjoy trying local foods at the smaller stands. We ran onto some really good papaya salads. While we were on Railay beach we chose to go out for one really nice meal for the sunset on the beach.

We got such a kick out of the rice and veggies served in pineapple that we decided to order ice cream and pineapple for dessert.

The sunset dinner was great.


promisedlanddairy said...

Jesse and Chelsie,
WOW! Your last two postings were wonderful! We just can't help but recall the little boy scrambling up and down the cliff dwelling ladders at Mesa Verde N.P. What were you doing way back then, Chelsie? Now aren't you glad you took swimming lessons, Jesse? Love and Prayers, Mama and Papa

Suhan said...

how are you...looks beautiful time in Thailand... from Charlie Hong Kong..

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