Thursday, May 27, 2010

Goa, India

Hello, We are making progress slowly on this blog, but it will happen eventually. Bear with me.

On the west coast of India there is a former Portuguese colony, named Goa, which was occupied until the 1960's. When the Portuguese left the colony it had a European atmosphere, but when the influence left, unfortunately the cleanliness and the influence left as well.

The main attractions are the historic churches, the spice plantations, and the beaches.

We began at the churches which date back to the 16th centuries.

Chapel of St. Francis Xavier.

It was very interesting to see this sort of design and architecture in India. We felt as if we were in Europe.

One of the strangest things that we saw was the body of Saint Francis of Assisi,a missionary to India. When we read up about this man we found some very interesting history. It was said that his body did not decay for many years after his death. His corpse can still be seen inside the casket, which is on display in the church.

Not such a pretty face anymore.

From there we went on to a spice plantation. It was set up for tourists, but we still had fun seeing all of the spices and fruits being grown that we use on a regular basis back home.

Below is the cashew nut which grows on the bottom of the cashew fruit. Many also eat the fruit.


Vanilla beans

A baby pineapple

At the end of our tour we were served a fantastic traditional meal on a banana leaf.

The beaches of Goa had lots of volcanic rock. We enjoyed walking the beaches, but were often overwhelmed by locals try to sell us trinkets. It was not the best time of year to visit. It was very hot, so there were not too many tourists. As a result the vendors were desperate for income.

We rented a motorcycle and buzzed around the town and it surroundings. We love to see the countryside from a motorcycle.

Don't ask! I don't know why. It was just cool looking.

And like much like the rest of India, there are cows everywhere.

Baskin Robins was a fantastic find. We really enjoyed the AC and the ice cream. It was very hot while we were there.

There were a number of times during our trip that doing laundry became a difficult or a suprisingly expensive problem. We found a place that washed our clothes one day, but without an machine drier, they were not dry the night before our flight onward. I made a clothes line in the room and we were able to dry them out by morning.

Thanks for following us.


Alissa and Mike Quirk said...

Wow! The pictures are great! Mike commented on how cool the buildings look! I am sure you have many stories to tell about your fun adventure! We hope to one day here about them! Hope you guys are doing well!

Alissa and Mike Quirk said...

The picture looks so nice of Chelsie although a bit weird with a cow looking at her! HAHA

Jeff said...

Oh, there's a cow in the picture. I thought the "cows are everywhere" comment was a bit rude, but now I understand. I thought ... you know ... end of a long trip together, etc.

I thought Goa was famous for being where Jason Bourne went to hide with his lovely girlfriend, but I guess there's more to it. I feel differently about cashews now, but the baby pineapple was very cute.

Jesse and Chelsie said...

Ha you are right. That is where Jason Bourne went with his girlfriend. It is also know for crazy loud rave trance parties and tons of hash back in the 70's and 80's. We saw a few resident hippies lingering and hanging on to the past. There were some pretty hip t-shirt shops there as well.

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