Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Quick Stop in Singapore

Chelsie and I had a one day layover in Singapore. We found flights for a great price from Ho Chi Minh to Bangalore, India. We took a walk downtown to check out the scenery.

The preforming arts center. It reminds me of a durian.

This is a durian.

City skyline

The lionfish, a Singapore icon. He sits frozen and shoots water into the harbor.

The largest Ferris wheel in the world.

They claim that they have the largest water fountain in the world as well.

We ate at Marche's and it was fantastic. A bit pricey, but if you have the chance take it. The interior is very well done (no photos allowed). You feel as if you have stepped into a farmers market, as all the food is made fresh or from scratch. Quite a show.


Jeff said...

They flew on a plane to Singapore
And waited to fly to Bangalore.
Ingesting things alien,
Jesse ate a whole durian,
And now they're forbidden to fly anymore.

Amber said...

Jesse--you make every where you go look absolutely beautiful! These are some of the prettiest pictures I have ever seen of Singapore :)

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