Friday, March 26, 2010

Transportation can be really exciting here in South East Asia. There are days that we use many forms of each. I have heard it said before that getting there is half the adventure. Well for 24 hours in this part of our trip it was the adventure.

We left Railay by longtail boat. We were not cruising into darkness this time. The scenery leaving the mountinous beaches was very nice. Chels got some fresh fruit, yoghurt, and musuli and we enjoyed it as we rode the waves back to the main land.

Lontail boats taking a rest.

We have learned very quickly that the bus/van services do not run on a strict time schedule. Flexibility and an easy going attitude is key in getting from point "A" to point "B" stress free.

Here are some transulations for example:
"We are leaving soon"= we might be outta here in 15-45 minutes.
"It is time for rest stop now" = please buy my friends merchandise here
" Time of arrival is 4:00" = You will get there some time later on this evening.

And so on.

Next we took a van.

Then we took another van to Surat Thani.

Then we took a taxi to Surat Thani Airport.

We took a domestic flight from Surat Thani to Bangkok.

A Taxi ride from the airport to the train station in Bangkok.

An overnight train to the cute little town of Chang Mi.

We had a great time on the train. We brought our snacks and enjoyed the scenery until sunset. We mingled with the other travelers and enjoyed swapping stories. Ches and I enjoy watching reruns of Seinfeld that we have on the computer. This helps pass the time.

One of the passengers had bought a guitar during his trip. He was practicing it as we clicked along th tracks.

The staff on the train was great. They were super friendly and very helpful. When you needed your bunk made up they would get clean sheets and a clean blanket and get your bunk all set up. The train AC which was a great bonus.

Taking the second class train ment that we didnt have our own private room. We did have our own section, but when the bunks were made, the bags sit in the isle on luggage racks. Knowing this ahead of time we purchased PackSafe cages for our packs so we could rest easy at night. They will come in handy on the trains in India as well.

Upon arrival in Chang Mi, we took a Tuk Tuk to the hotel.

So as you can see it was quite an adventure getting from point A to point B. It is not always simple in some countries.


Jeff said...

It would be great fun to compare the stories we made up about the photos before your captions appeared.

Melanie and Richard said...

As always, your photos are stellar!
Loved the stories about diving - now we can't wait to do the same here on Crete. We'll have to swap stories.
Did you ever in a million years think you'd be doing this when you were on the farm??

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